Travel To Jordan

Travel To Jordan
Travel To Jordan

Traveling to Jordan instructions:

The below are instructions published by Jordanian Official Authority.

  • - All travelers, whether vaccinated or not, are required to bring a negative PCR test from the country of departure which must be taken within a ff of 72 hours prior to departure.
  • - All passengers, whether vaccinated or not, must complete the Visit Jordan form to obtain their personal QR Code which is mandatory for boarding.
  • - Non-Jordanians must have health/travel insurance.
  • - Passengers are required to present the required documents upon arrival. This includes a QR code, and a negative PCR result from the country of departure.
  • - Children under the age of 5 are not required to apply on the platform.
  • - In the event of a positive result, travelers must adhere to the home quarantine for 14 days and take a (PCR) test (COVID19) on the 14th day of the home quarantine at their own expense.
  • - Diplomats are not required to bring a negative PCR test result from the country of departure.

+ What is the wait time for the PCR test at the airport? ?

PCR test result might takes 2-5 hours max.

+ What ages are expected to have the PCR test upon arrival? Does it include children? ?

All travelers to Jordan with ages above 5 years old are expected to have a PCR test upon arrival.

+ To return to our country after visiting Jordan are we requested to go to a lab for another PCR test? If yes how do we contact these labs? ?

Depends on the policy and procedures of each country, there will be a lab at the departures area at the airport.

+ Who will cover my PCR test expenses in Queen Alia International Airport?? ?

The PCR test is at the expense of the traveler.

+ Are the historical sites and tourist attractions being sanitized for visitors? ?

All public areas and tourism attractions are routinely sanitized.