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Amman the White City.

Jordan s capital city, Amman spreads across 19 hills and includes many distinct districts, each with their own historical and cultural marvels. The topography of the city adds to the sense of eclecticism and discovery, with hidden areas and surprises lying out of sight and ready to be explored.

With Roman ruins, grand souks, a plethora of atmospheric mosques, and a mix of suburban leafiness and downtown liveliness, the city offers plenty to fascinate those who pass through.

While trips to Amman may start as refueling stops before embarking on a journey through the wider region, but they tend to develop into an experience all of their own.

The fabled seven hills city.

The fabled seven hills of Amman have given way to about twenty, and the magic of the city has grown as well. It is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world and has seen most of the many civilizations that have come through the area. While most visitors only see the modern Amman, one of the enchanting aspects of the city is how a visitor can turn a corner and find a Byzantine church ruin in a busy shopping district, or see the ruins of an Ammonite fortress tower from the windows of a hotel. Like its jebels, or hills, the fortunes of Amman have risen, fallen, and risen again.

Archaeologists discover ancient temple in Jordan’sAmman

Jordanian archaeologists have discovered an ancient temple that was built in the Hellenistic era in the third century BC. 

The archaeologists believe that the temple, located 120 kilometres north of the capital, Amman, was dedicated to Poseidon, the Ancient Greek god of seas.

Hellenistic pottery was also found on the site in Umm Qais which is also home to Roman, Byzantine and Islamic ruins.

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“Our goal in the end is to make the place available to tourists and to encourage tourism in Umm Qais. But we need to continue this project so we can discover the rest of the temple and the water tunnels,” says Atef Al Shiyab, Head of the Department of Archaeology at Yarmouk University.


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