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Petra - Red Rose City

Petra is a massive city (UNESCO world heritage site). It s located in Jordan - Middle east. It has hundreds of sites to see, so if a tourist would like to see most of the places in Petra, he can easily spend 3 days in the town – Wadi Mousa city, and visit diverse places on each day...But it is also feasible to see most of the major sites in Petra in marginal time which could be accomplished in few hours visit.

Our tour from Amman to Petra is customized to meet different guests & visitors demands and needs which mostly is restricted to time and budget limits, we – at Jordan Best Tours & Travel has designed varied plans to explore Petra. Besides full day Jordan Petra Tour we also combine other places to visit  like Petra and Wadi Rum two days tour, Little Petra, Petra and Wadi Rum three days tourDead Sea, Mount Nebo, Al Shobak Castle, Dana and Al Mujib Natural reserves are covered as well on the two days tour plans. However, Petra tour is doable in one day tour from Amman so don’t be thwarted with longer day plans if you are limited to time & budget.

The name ‘Petra’ came from the Latin word ‘petrae’, meaning ‘rock’, lies in a great rift valley east of Wadi Araba in Jordan nearly 80km south of the Dead Sea – 260 kilometers to the south – South-west of Amman – Jordan Capital. It came into standing in the late first BCE (BC) through the prosperity of the spice trade. The city was the main city of ancient Nabataea & was popular above all for 2 things: its trade & its hydraulic engineering systems. It was locally independent until the time period of Trajan, but it prospered under Roman rule. The municipality grew up around its Colonnaded. Following the flow of the Wadi Musa, the city-center was laid out on either side of the Colonnaded Street on an extended plan between the theater in the east & the Qasr al-Bint in the west. The excavation was likely opened in this time period, and there followed just about uninterrupted building through the first and the 2nd  centuries CE. 

Petra night tours.

Don’t miss the wonderful Petra Night Tour / Show, it’s a magical event to see part of the rock rose city by candlelight and explore the old city. Great experience starts by walking the entire Siq to the Treasury, lit with over 1,500 candles to bring the major attraction due to the spectacular view it has.

Petra by Night event starts from Petra Visitor Centre at 20:30 – 22:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. While in Petra you can also spend a night bedouin camps.

Tickets for Petra Night Show:

Tickets are available at Petra Visitor Centre shops or at your hotel reception. It’s about 17 JD for adults; children less than 10 years are admitted free of charge.


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